Hi, I’m Stephanie.

I help introverts unlock their in-person networking potential, uncover limiting beliefs, build confidence and establish authentic relationships.

Studies show you’ll live 50% longer if you have strong social ties… but does the pressure of ‘working the room,’ make you feel sick to your stomach? Does a crowded event of strangers engaging in small talk activate your fight-or-flight response (emphasis on “flight”)?

Would you like to gain confidence in making authentic connections, get to the root of what’s holding you back, and ensure you’re on track to live a life that feels full when you know all-to-well what it’s like to feel lonely and disconnected?

I’ve attended 100s of networking events and developed a workshop and individualized coaching program with you in mind.

If you’d like to have a better understanding of how to leverage the superpower of your introversion to make lasting, authentic connections, apply to have an introductory session.

Connect IRL

Currently serving as the Director of PR of the Young Professionals of San Francisco, you can find me at our monthly social, philanthropic or prof dev events.

Check out upcoming workshops by connecting on Facebook.

Connect Online

Stay up-to-date on local events and inspiration by joining the online community Personal & Professional Development Events SF, and learn the latest in personal and professional development, applicable nearly anywhere, via the newsletter.

Current workshop offerings include: Networking for Introverts & Creating Female Friendly Workplaces. See the “speaking” tab for upcoming tour dates, or email me to inquire about an on-site workshop at your company, working together 1:1 or joining an upcoming Networking for Introverts mastermind group.

Email: hi (at) stephaniethoma (dot) com


“Stephanie is an incredibly knowledgable and empathetic coach. When I am speaking with Stephanie she really listens and makes me feel right at home - not as though I'm being judged. Stephanie has fresh ideas that helped me break through my inner false beliefs and take more action.” - Alice C.

“Stephanie’s workshop "rebranded" networking for me. I found I can use my strengths as an introvert to guide me, and be desensitized from anxiety which is huge!” - Maurine C.

“I learned how to stay intentional in networking and ways to build my confidence.” - Mark P.