Hi, I’m Stephanie Thoma.

Do you want to gain clarity, direction, and the tools to sustain an engaged community that grows and lasts? I can help.

Studies show you’ll live 50% longer if you have a strong network of social ties. Do you feel stressed when you think about attending a social event? Do you identify as an introvert? I used to.

My Story

I was the kind of kid who’d read her history book during lunch in a closed bathroom stall. I felt lonely, awkward and uncomfortable around people.

Over time, through introspection and trial and error, I eased out of this mindset, and my reality changed. Today, I’m a self-identified ambivert dedicated to bridging the gap between the personal and the professional, promoting the human side of business that’s holistically focused.

My Mission

I help companies and individuals uncover their strengths to maximize interpersonal relationships, navigate change, and feel confident in mastering new skills to connecting with nearly anyone, honing on and offline community.

Connect IRL

Currently serving as the Director of PR of the Young Professionals of San Francisco, you can find me at our monthly social, philanthropic or prof dev events.

Alternatively, you can apply to join the TEDx SF volunteer team that I’ve been invited to lead, building on and offline community this year.

Connect Online

Stay up-to-date on local events and inspiration by joining the online community Personal & Professional Development Events SF, and learn the latest in personal and professional development, applicable nearly anywhere, via the newsletter.

Current workshop offerings include: Networking for Introverts & Creating Female Friendly Workplaces. See the “speaking” tab for upcoming tour dates, or email me to inquire about an on-site workshop at your company or working together 1:1.

Email: hi (at) stephaniethoma (dot) com